Relaunching a major news portal from scratch has busted several budgets, led to missed timelines and drove teams on both customer and service provider side crazy.

NP8 will help you to succeed.

NP8 offers a highly flexible base system to build news portals based on Open Source Drupal.

The NP8 core is a common denominator distilled from multiple news portals. It is based on the next generation CMS Drupal and follows patterns of best practice to allow modularity and extensibility with flexible customisation of functionality and freedom in appearance. Open Source technology guarantees there is no license fee and no vendor lock in.

Rich features, test automation, zero development

Right out of the box, NP8 provides news portal functionality worth >40 man months. Every single feature follows a strict definition of done including a verbose description in Behat resulting in no less than 328 feature scenarios and 4394 steps. Scenarios are thus both human readable in plain English and machine executable by the continuous integration system, guaranteeing the best possible quality assurance.

Responsive, Fast, Mobile, HTML5

NP8 is true HTML5 with a full responsive strategy, as well as the option to ship a dedicated mobile only version. It is built for high performance and fast page load times with lazy loading.

3rd party integration, services

NP8 integrates with a growing list of 3rd party providers out of the box. It is ready for seamless integration into your enterprise environment and can act as the turntable services provider for a multi platform and multi channel strategy.

Development Workflow, templates

NP8 offers a versatile environment with recommended tool chains and a document framework for agile sprinting, proven during 9 month development with 300 tasks done. MD Systems offers Bootstrap weeks to jump start your NP8 based project.

Security updates, maintenance, cost sharing

With an optional annual subscription, you get security updates and quarterly upgrade releases. Propose new features to the NP8 community and share development cost.

Please get in contact with us if you want to know more about it.