Zueriost.ch: another NP8 instance published

On Monday, April 4th 2016 another news portal based on NP8 has been published: zueriost.ch. Somedia Production was responsible for project management, design and the frontend implementation, MD Systems did the functional implementation. Amongst other features, an individualised paywall was introduced.

Newsportal of Zürcher Oberland Medien AG

The new webportal of Zürcher Oberland Medien AG has merged the websites of “Zürcher Oberländer”, “Anzeiger von Uster”, “Glattaler”, “Winterthurer Stadtanzeiger” and regio.ch. The focus of Zueriost.ch lies on news and backgrounds to politics, society, economy, culture and sports in the Zürcher Oberland and the greater Winterthur area.

New paywall features

An important change is the newly introduced paywall. NP8 contains a flexible and extensible paywall which can easily be adapted for the individual business models of any news portal with low costs.

Zueriost.ch offers a lot of subscription options. The users are able to combine the various print newspapers with an online access or simply just buy an online access. Also, it is possible to completely hide all the ads for an additional fee.

NP8 as the perfect base for news portals

Of course, there were a lot of other adaptions and new features like BabyfotosBlaulicht, Newsticker, etc. Once again, NP8 proved to be the perfect base for such a news portal.

Thanks to the extensive standard functionality of NP8 the project team could focus on individual requirements of zueriost.ch and keep development costs on a low level.

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