The Media Sprint Week was a big success

Right after the Drupal Camp Vienna, a big group of Drupal developers met at the MD Systems offices to sprint for the Media Initiative. The sprint was a huge success: numerous issues have been resolved, the Media Initiative made a big step and the community showed once again how powerful it can be when everybody pulls at the same strings.

Solving numerous media issues

A lot of Drupalistas followed our call to join the Drupal Media Sprint in our offices: our students (mbovan, sasanikolic, edurenye, tduong), Berdir, miro_dietiker, slashrsm, webflo, dawehner, devlada, denchev, sanja_m, tassilogroeper and many others! Some even travelled directly from Vienna to Zurich while others joined independently. The issue board was prepared, snacks and drinks were ready and all the developers were eager to start. Right after the welcome speech by Janez and Miro, issues were picked and discussions were started.

During the sprint week, issues were solved for Entity Embed, Media Entity, Entity Browser, Crop API, Image Widget Crop, and many other projects. According to Media Initiative Leader Janez Urevc it was one of the most productive and collaborative sprints he ever attended. Janez made sure that everyone was able to join the Sprint and deliver maximum value by being perfectly responsive to questions, providing introductions to the topic and describing issue scopes in thorough detail.
Here you can find the issue list of the Media Sprint.

Janez also released a blogpost with more detailed information about progress of the Media Initiative including screencasts for a short demo of the individual features.

DUG Meeting on a Fondue Ship

After the hard work during the day, the Drupalistas deserved some entertainment in the evening. Amongst other evenings with beers it was perfectly matched to organise the Swiss Drupal Community end of year meeting on Tuesday, December 1st. organized and sponsored a special evening at the Fondue Ship on Lake Zurich where some of the Drupalistas could enjoy their first cheese fondue ever. Thanks to for organizing a memorable night! Images of the event can be found here.

Ongoing Media Initiative Program

The Media Sprint was initiated as part of the Media Initiative Program. In addition to the original founding, Gassmann Media joined the initiative with providing major funds allowing us to execute it in the targeted scope.

The team at MD Systems already worked on Media Initiative related topics since October. A solid strategy was developed together with the Media Initiative lead Janez to set focus topics and break complexity to allow all contributors focussing on deliverables.

With completion of the Media Sprint, a major milestone in progress was reached. As a followup, the team at MD Systems will complete open tasks and make sure to reach the milestones outlined in the Initiative Program goals, including integration of achievements into NP8.

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