Successful Relaunch of

The fourth NP8 platform has been published in record time: Thus another Swiss newspaper has its website relaunched on Drupal 8 with our support and is now ready for the technology of the future.

Implementation in record time with NP8

At the beginning of summer 2015, the responsible people of Le Temps decided together with Ringier, the owner of Le Temps, to do the relaunch of the Le Temps website within 3 months. Parallel to the web relaunch, Le Temps replaced the core system for publishing workflows, carried out a complete rebranding and an organizational restructuring.

In order to fulfill the challenging plan, a competent external partner was sought. With MD Systems and NP8, Le Temps found an optimal agile setup.

The default install profile of NP8 already provides a large part of the desired features. So the team could focus on the implementation of additional requirements and compliance the deadline easily.

MD Systems has also been involved in conceptual work, management and development tasks in order to ensure the success of the relaunch with our extensive experience in time-critical projects.

The publication of the new platform was carried out according to plan in the early hours of October 1st. Thanks to the thorough preparation, the new system went smoothly into operation mode.

Metered paywall as a new NP8 feature

With the relaunch, the paywall pioneer Le Temps had new demands on the NP8 paywall. Using a metered paywall will allow the users to read a certain number of free content items.To access more content, he needs to register first. MD Systems developed a new paywall plugin which now is available as a standard NP8 feature.

In addition, the Ringier team focused on the development of APIs to Chartbeat and Mailchimp. MD Systems took over the app connection, the migration of content and the customizations ofNP8 to include features such as managing the frontpage and section overview pages. The API to DC-X, the content system which is used by Le Temps, was developed by Wunderkraut.

At the beginning, site building and the integration of the designs of Antistatique was implemented by the developers of Ringier and towards the end completed together with MD Systems.

Impressive performance

With 4.2 million page views per month, Le Temps is the largest platform of NP8. The new mechanisms for caching in Drupal 8 and the edge caching integration of NP8 with Fastly prove to be extremely reliable and the servers are almost in sleep mode as they are significantly relieved.

We are delighted to have performed and accompanied another successful relaunch with NP8. In addition to the long-awaited publishing of the release candidate of Drupal 8, we are looking forward to many new projects.

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