DUG April 2016

After a long time of absence, the Drupal User Group Meeting took place at MD Systems again. First, the community celebrated MD Systems for being on the first place of the global company ranking on drupal.org. Right after, the audience could listen to interesting presentations about Drupal 8.

MD Systems on the first place

At the beginning of the evening, host Miro Dietiker welcomed the company ranking on drupal.org to the Drupalistas. Currently, MD Systems is on the top position right above Acquia. That needed to be celebrated!

Jos Doekbrijder gave insight in the year's result of the association “Drupal Events” right after. Main topic was the DUG meeting on the fondue ship on Lake Zurich. All the Drupalistas accepted the annual report without any discussion, of course.

Release Drupal 8.1.0

After the formalities, Sascha Grossenbacher (Berdir) presented Drupal's Version 8.1.0 which was released on the very same day. The first minor release contains some interesting features and improvement like Big Pipe which kept Wim Leers busy since some weeks. Sascha also pointed out that security updates for the 8.0.x versions will stop from May. Thus, an update to 8.1.0 for ongoing Drupal 8 projects is highly recommended. Here you can click through Sascha's presentation

Cache API in Drupal 8

After a short and spontanous speech of Mikkel Høgh (mikl) about the current discussions regarding frontend in Drupal 8, Czövek András (AndrasAcs) explained the advantages of Cache API in Drupal 8. It helped a lot that he used a live example to illustrate how caching in Drupal 8 works. Therefore, he showed what happens on the website that is visible for users, how the code is built for it and what is cached in the database.

Also, it was impressive that almost 30 Drupalistas joined the DUG despite the nice weather that day and that there were intense discussions after the presentations. We are looking forward to the next DUG!

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