Drupal User Group Feb 15

The Drupal User Group Switzerland came together at MD Systems offices on February, 11.

Around 20 Drupalistas came to see the following presentations:

Our student Arild Matsson (Arla) gave an insight into Inmail in Drupal 8. How how mail bounces are handled and how this prevents the website from being marked as spam for example. Click here for the presentation.

Matthias Walti (mazze) had his presentation about Bourbon SASS Library. He was pretty excited about the possibilities and the speed of this style of frontent development and showed the spectators why he likes working with Bourbon SASS at the moment.

Within the last presentation Miro Dietiker (miro_dietiker) gave an overview about the status of Drupal 8 and on which (core-)modules of D8 MD Systems is working at the moment. A similar presentation will be held at the Drupal Developer Days in MontpellierClick here for the presentation.

After listening to the presentations, the Drupalistas enjoyed some drinks and snacks while discussing and talking about Drupal and other things.

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