Drupal 8 Bootstrap Week - Successful Test-Run

Update: Drupal 9 is out! We still offer this individualized training week adapted to your needs.

For the initialisation of a large new Drupal 8 Project (we will inform you soon... stay tuned!) we have done a test-run for our new Drupal 8 Boostrap Week.

The established framework of this week was generally kept but, as forseen, adapted for the individual participants. Thus, this time there were no introductory presentations but only informal explanations to the relevant sub-systems. MD Systems is happy to announce the success of this week and we are counting on repeating it in the near future.

Independent within a week

Both developers, previously without Drupal 8 experience, were able to get started in several Drupal 8 areas. They successfully ported the Contrib-Module Maillog to Drupal 8 (including the Views integration) and, also successfully, created a function for their own development project.

The immediate availability of a lot of Drupal 8 know-how in the company MD Systems ist extremely valuable for developers. This way a brief, focussed introduction into a new theme often saves a lot of time researching. If some code does not function as planned MD Systems can identify the problem in a very short time and propose appropriate solutions.

Start of a new "Grossprojekt"

In parallel a new large-scale Drupal 8 project was initialized according to well established MD Systems standards with both developers. This included:

  • Documented versioning processes
  • Automatic acceptance testing using Behat
  • Continous integration with Jenkins CI

All this results in very high code quality and continuously measurable project progress for the project members.

This method has proven to be a win-win for all involved.

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