FFS in March - Monitoring for Drupal 8

Each month MD Systems organises the First Friday sprints. We continuously help those interested with their entry into the world of Drupal 8.

The initiative simultaneously takes the pulse for progress to Drupal 8 core and the open source add-on modules (contrib).

This month we were able to set up a 9 person sprint team and got some good results.

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Following some actual work results:

Entity Example

From an initial experiment with Drupal 8 Entities, Christophe Galli (cgalli, Polytechna AG) is working continuously on a comprehensive example of Drupal 8 entities. Drupal core should include examples for all the essential concepts as reference. This example is intended to be a reference for entities.


On a Drupal 8 Port for the project Monitoring we have been working hard during the last month, mainly by Martin Micuch (Blue Minds, MD Systems). During the Sprint, the work could be completed, so that a first working version could be published on drupal.org.

Translation Management (TMGMT)

The development of the module TMGMT is already well advanced and is maintained by Sascha Grossenbacher (Berdir, MD Systems) it may well be considered as a kind of Drupal 8 Reference module.

As long as no beta release of Drupal 8 core is available, changes to Drupal core repeatedly necessitate adjustments to the contrib modules.

The module has been updated again during this Sprint. With the exception of Local Translator all TMGMT core functions are fully functional.

Share Message

The previously completed and ported Share Message project was updated again by Ivan Fux (ifux, Gassmann AG).