unicef.ch Elements

We describe here the most important content elements of the new Unicef website.

The front page is updated regularly and shows current topics. In the Hero element and in the upper right corner next to the search function, you can find the first call-to-action elements to make a donation.

unicef.ch Landingpage

The donation widget is placed freely in the content and allows a call-to-action element to be built in and relevant for the current content.

Spenden Widget

The pop-up is used to draw attention to an ongoing situation. It also contains one call-to-action element.


The animated facts catch attention and provide numbers of the situations described in the content.


References, directly linked to relevant themes, are used to draw attention to further content.They appear in different styles with different hover effects.

Teaser mit Hover Effekt
Teaser mit Hover Effekt
Links with hover

Current or past projects are presented on project pages.

Projektseite Unicef

The search function can be used to find specific content. The search result shows the teaser of the respective page. This can be individually created and edited on the page itself.


Read more about the new donation widget and forms introduced in 2020.