Go Live

December 2022


For the project "NATUR FINDET STADT" a website was created based on Kampatools, a Drupal 7 solution for campaign websites. For several years, the NATUR FINDET STADT project was successfully operated by NATURAMA AARGAU together with various partners. By winning the Binding Award in 2021 for the outstanding project for biodiversity in urban areas, the value of the project was made clear.

Over the past years, the requirements for the website and also the needs have changed a bit. Drupal 7 no longer met current web standards and had to be replaced with an alternative.

The new website of NATUR FINDET STADT should therefore be transferred to a modern platform, with which appealing content can be produced. It should offer more flexibility and be able to be further expanded if necessary.

The project NATUR FINDET STADT is implemented in different municipalities of the canton of Aargau. The active communities support the nature-oriented enhancement of public and private areas.

The relaunch with Primer was fast and smooth. Working with the CMS is increasingly fun. Even after the GoLive in December, we receive support at any time if we have questions or suggestions.


For the migration of NATUR FINDET STADT we provided the Import Modul. With this we can migrate requested content into the Primer instance without a technical migration. Data like pictures or PDFs were directly imported into the new media library with the Metadata which can be used there again. Many conents have been restructured and added. With that there was content which wasn't imported but directly created on the new website. 

To allow municipality to log in themself and create articles, the Primer extension community was added. 

The acquisition of new users is made by the responsible persons from NATUR FINDET STADT. Then the acquisition automatically connects with a profil. In the article it's automatically evident who wrote an article. With those default settings the creating process should be easier for community members. Now they can focus only on writing the article. 

After creating an article the predefined person von NATURAMA AARGAU automatically gets a notification per E-Mail from the system that the content can get reviewed and published. 

Only standard functionalities from the extension community for NATUR FINDET STADT are used because they already fullfilled the needs of the responsible persons from NATURAMA AARGAU. 

For the community members we have provided individual instructions so they can always check how to proceed when creating an article. 

In Google Maps on the front side areas from municipalities are shown which are actively participate at the project. 

The projects from municipalities need to be transmitted via web form. The results from the form are downloaded by the responsible persons from NATUR FINDET STADT and uploaded to Google Maps to show the additional areas. 

The map can be edited, copied and extended from several persons. After editing on Google Maps the map will automatically be updated. 

Thanks to the extensive possibilities of webforms and also the possibility to place iframes in the content we used the standard functionalities from Primer and there was no need to create something new. 

The project was finished in 3.5 months. It had a phase at the beginning where Primer was configured according to the requirements from NATUR FINDET STADT and together with the responsible persons the content structure was built, forms and templates were created and on a example card prepared.  

After a Primer training where everyone which creates content in the future was involved the content was mainly created from the responsible persons from NATUR FINDET STADT. We were mainly only for support request available. Finally there were last minor adjustments and work around the GoLive. At Monday, December 19, the project was successfully released as planned. 

Aktiv werden

Primer has once again proven to be the optimal basis. Thanks to the wide range of standard functions, it is possible to focus on individual requirements during the project. Due to the high degree of standardization, the platform remains efficiently maintainable despite strong individualization, which significantly optimizes the total cost of ownership.