Administration of the frontpage

The following describes how the frontpage of can be administered by the management team.

Currently the front page is divided into areas, which

  • are updated automatically (green)
  • are manually updated (red)
  • have static content

The management team of Journal21 also has the possibility to adapt the current structure and e.g. add more manually referenced content, change from a two-column layout to a three-column layout, adapt the static content, add more automatic lists, etc.

Frontpage Abschnitte von Journal21

A new article of the article type "Picture of the day" can be created for the picture of the day. As soon as the new article is published, it will automatically appear on the front page.

The quote of the day can be created with the content type "Quote". On the front page the quote with the current date is displayed and if there is none from the current date, simply the one from the next date in the past. On one hand, this means that content is always visible - even if no new quote has been entered - and on the other hand, quote can also be prepared by selecting the publication date in the future.

For the Damals am articles there is already a content for each day of the year. On the front page, the Damals am article of the current day is automatically displayed.

Screenshot von J21 Frontpage Header Bereich

Directly below the header area there is a list of 4 referenced articles. These are displayed in two columns and can be exchanged manually. This allows the management team to display an article at the top for a longer period of time.

In addition, there is a list of 6 referenced articles further down, which are displayed with a two-column mini-teaser layout.

J21 Frontpage 4 manuell referenzierte Artikel
J21 Frontpage 6 manuell referenzierte Artikel

To make the work of the management team a little easier, there are several lists that are generated automatically.

There are article lists that are automatically populated with the latest articles. This excludes the articles that are manually referenced on the front page. In addition, the lists can be controlled by the management team in such a way that, for example, they display 9 instead of 6 articles in the first list and then start at the tenth article in the lower list instead of the current seventh.

In addition, there is a list with the last four pictures of the day at the end. Here, the layout and/or the number can be changed as needed too.

J21 Frontpage Automatische Listen
J21 Frontpage Automatische Listen

And all other content on the front page can also be adapted, moved, hidden or expanded as desired by the management team. This ensures that, depending on the content available or, for example, due to a current event, the content can be easily adapted without the need for additional programming effort.