MD Systems introduced NP8 to the Big Apple

At the beginning of July we attended NYC Drupal camp, which is part of a bigger, mission-driven open source conference called Open camps. NYC Drupal camp is one of the biggest community-organized Drupal events in the world and we are always eager to return to it.

Digital media and publishing is, due to the strong media ecosystem in New York, one of the main topics of the conference. There is a focused media summit, many media related sessions as part of the main conference, a week-long media sprint and more. We are heavily involved in many aspects of the media field.

We were involved into few of the earliest Drupal 8 news portals, developed the NP8 distribution, were and still are one of the most dedicated contributors to the Drupal 8 media initiative and more. Considering all this facts it is not hard to understand why we feel that we need to be part of the event like this.

We presented NP8 distribution & improved Drupal media handling

In the past, we invested a lot of time into image cropping in Drupal 8. Main results of that were the Crop API and Image widget crop modules. Together they provide you great image cropping experience based on a simple, standardized and robust architecture. One of the members of our team, Janez Urevc, gave a session about the topic together with Alex Ross from NBC (author of the Focal point and Advanced image crop modules).

We were also attending the media summit where we've seen a lot of interesting presentations and shared knowledge with people with similar interests and background. We presented there, too. This time it was about the NP8 distribution that we built together with our partners.

NP8 is one of the most feature-rich enterprise media & publishing distributions on Drupal 8. It ships with many interesting features by default. From numerous default content types and performance optimizations to fully functional paywall solution and AMP integration. Need a marketplace? We've got you covered. Powerful multi-media handling? We've got that, too. FAQ pages? Yup, that too. Newstickers? You know the answer already, right?

Did we get your attention? Are you excited about NP8 and would like to know more? Maybe you'd like to see a demo to evaluate it for your next project? Let us know and we'll make sure to answer all questions that you might have.

We also attended the media sprint as part of which we worked hard to get closer to the beta releases of the few modules that we're extensively using on our projects. A lot of extremely cool features were introduced to the Entity browser, which is now much more aware of the world around it, it is able to validate your actions much more confidently and it is much easier to use it as part of your custom code.

Besides all new features that people were asking for we made a big step forward when it comes to stabilisation of the ecosystem. This will make your life much easier and working on your Drupal 8 projects much more enjoyable.

Drupal Small Groups
Samuel Mortenson, Adam Hoenich and Janez Urevc in deep discussions about media. Photo by Photographic Intrinsic.

Where can you meet us in the future?

We are planning to attend few more events this year. Main one is definitely DrupalCon Dublin where Janez will be giving two sessions. We are the most excited about the core conversation about the multi-media handling in Drupal core. The goal of the conversation is to create a long-term plan to make Drupal the best media handling CMS in the world. On the other hand - if you'd prefer to hear more about the cool things that you can use today to improve content creation UX, then the session about the Entity browser module is a must for you.

Are you interested in the stuff we're doing? Would you like to meet and talk to us? Get in touch)!

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