Sprinting for Drupal 8 Media

Media is a key topic for most sites. With the major release cycle of Drupal 8, the media initiative faces both huge opportunity and challenges.

To account the importance of the Media Initiative in Drupal 8, MD Systems organised a full-week sprint from  21.7. to 25.7. with more than 19 participants from the community.

Status of the Media Initiative

An early master plan draft for a Drupal 8 media ecosystem proposes a solid abstracted architecture with pluggable components. To avoid fragmentation and confusion with partially overlapping projects, the media initiative wants to define solid APIs as a common denominator. Specific Media handling modules will be implemented on top of these APIs. Only through this approach, we can enter a modern architecture where all of these modules can be easily combined and are well integrated with each other: From mass upload, reusing and ordering media, multilingual metadata, integrating external services, cropping, responsive and highres images and many many things more.

A solid storage for early Drupal 8 projects

Also Media maintainers joined the sprint to make sure our goals are well aligned to the official Media Initiative.

One of the key deliverables we have is aiming for a stable and extensible storage for early Drupal 8 projects with media requirements. These projects should later be able to benefit from all the future Media developments. For a minimum deliverable, we decided to focus on the module "File Entity".

The sprint invite: https://groups.drupal.org/node/432658

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