New Drupal 8 Bootstrap Weeks

Update: Drupal 9 is out! We still offer this individualized training week adapted to your needs.

It will not be long before Drupal 8 will dominate our daily business. Drupal did not just reinvent itself but has integrated many functions that used to be offered through external modules.

Customers will expect from freelancer and Drupal agencies the realization of projects with the newest technologies and because so much has changed with Drupal 8 a re-training and complete new point of view is necessary.

This presents an enormous potential but also means, we need to relearn in an area where we used to be experts. To do this all alone is expensive, inefficient and too time consuming. Note that part of the cost comes from the inability to do commercial projects while learning Drupal 8. 

We want to help our partner to efficiently overcome this obstacle. For them we developed this offering.

One Week Intensive-training

Be with our team for one week (Monday through Friday). Our Drupal 8 Core experts, foremost Sascha Grossenbacher (Berdir), offer you an unrestricted way into our knowhow.

The intensive training starts immediately following the monthly First Friday sprints (free community event) which is an excellent entry point for this training.

In advance we will tally the individual requirements so that the weeks program can be optimized to your specific needs and wishes.

We will start daily with a presentation of bout 1 hour to highlight the next themes and are available 1..2h for individual coaching as you want it.

This offer is for experienced Drupal programmers as well as for people new to Drupal.

Frontend: Sitebuilding & Theming

Based on your project wishes we can start with site-building and the adaptations of the GUI with the TWIG template engine. Individual modules for the preparation of data will be highlighted.

Backend: Custom & Contrib development

In the center will be the module development and the necessary know how to understand and apply the Drupal 8 Object-oriented (OO) architecture.

Feel free to bring your own development project with you. If necessary we can recommend contrib modules to increase your learning speed.


CHF 3'000 per week, per individual / freelancer

CHF 2'500 per week, per person for companies with multiple participants

Per week we will allow a maximum of 3 Persons.

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