Südostschweiz Newsportal Relaunch



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March 2015

The Südostschweiz news portal combines content from print products such as Südostschweiz and Bündner Tagblatt as well as multimedia products such as TV Südostschweiz and Radio Südostschweiz. In addition, various services such as agenda or marketplace are integrated in the news portal. The platform is being completely renewed with a relaunch based on Drupal 8. For this purpose, the NP8 project was launched together with Gassmann Media and MD Systems.

Start with a Beta-Version

The relaunch of the news portal of "Südostschweiz", based on "NP8" is gradual and starts with a Beta-VersionAfter the release date in mid-February 2015, the first NP8 instance will at first only contain content of newspaper, radio and TV (without services) and will run parallel to the previous news portal. For several months the workflow must be optimized, adjustments may have to be made and performance will be reviewed and optimized.


The newspaper "Südostschweiz" is in the top ten of the ten most read newspapers in Switzerland.