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October 2016

In summer / fall 2016, Netzmedien switched the production of online and offline content to new software in collaboration with Somedia AG. In the course of this changeover, the websites of Netzwoche, IT-Markt, CEToday and ICTjournal were also relaunched on the basis of NP8.

Somedia AG was main project leader and responsible for offline conversion and design creation. MD Systems was hired by Somedia for the development of specific technical features of the websites, the connector between to the new software and Drupal, and the design implementation. Between August and November 2016, four news portals were relaunched.


Netzmedien AG is a Swiss specialist media company in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) and consumer electronics (CE). Founded in 2000, Netzmedien AG now employs about 30 people at its domiciles in Zurich and Lausanne.