kulturerbe2018.ch step by step process description

The following describes various selected user processes of the #Kulturerbe2018 portal.

Over 1500 events were listed in the agenda. Interested parties can browse the events according to well thought-out categories, e.g. Canton "Bern", target audience "Families" as well as Art "Exhibition". The events from 2018 can now mainly be found in the archive.

Kulturerbe Vergangene Veranstaltungen

After registration, users can view the list of their own events on their profile page for editing and add new ones. The proposed events are then released by the editorial staff, while selected users with the role "Trusted user" can publish events independently.

Kulturerbe2018 Meine Veranstaltungen

The voices of enthusiastic visitors and important co-organisers were gathered in testimonials and individual reports.

Kulturerbe2018 - Testimonials