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March 2018
This project is unfortunately no longer online. (Previously zuflucht.jetzt)

The number of people who have to flee war, conflict and persecution has never been higher than today. People who seek refuge in Europe must expose themselves and their families to great danger. In the last two years, over 8,000 people have lost their lives fleeing across the Mediterranean Sea.

About the campaign

HEKS, the Swiss Interchurch Aid organisation, and the Swiss Refugee Counsel therefore launched the petition "for safe and legal escape routes to Switzerland" in March 2018, calling on the Federal Council to take action:

  • to create legal access routes.
  • to increase the quotas for refugees to 10,000 people per year.
  • to create a legal framework to improve the integration and support of refugees through civil society and church initiatives.

The campaign was a success. In June 2018, 38,591 signatures were handed over to the Federal Council of Switzerland!

The petition on Primer

The Primer team first created the primer instance and configured it according to HEKS' needs. Next, a new primer extension was implemented so that Mailchimp and webforms could be linked together and the data from the petition forms could be automatically stored in Mailchimp. The website was then handed over to HEKS so that the campaign staff could create the website according to their own ideas. They had the opportunity to use sample pages and forms created by Kampaweb, which they could quickly and easily adapt to their needs.

Through regular campaign activities as well as media presence, the online petition experienced temporary peaks. To ensure consistently high performance during periods of high traffic, the primer team was able to temporarily scale up the hosting package, especially when a media release would be expected to increase media exposure.

In addition to the petition form, other multi-step forms, e.g. for ordering materials, were also created. These forms were linked to different mailchimp groups by different conditions, so that the data transmitted was stored directly in the mailchimp account linked to the website.

The HEKS team created specific landing pages and individual e-mail content for the various campaign partners, which were sent based on the website URLs submitted.

Throughout the entire campaign, the HEKS team was able to constantly adapt their site and keep it up-to-date.

The instance will be adapted and reused for further campaigns.

With Primer, we were able to quickly create our petition and make ongoing independent adjustments to the website and forms. Thanks to A/B testing and the flexibility of the system, we were able to optimise the landing page at all times. As a result, we achieved our campaign goal and were able to present the Federal Council with over 38,000 signatures for safe escape routes to Switzerland.

Samuel Berner, HEKS Digital Media Advisor

Primer has once again proven to be the optimal basis. Thanks to the wide range of standard functions, it is possible to focus on individual requirements during the project. Due to the high degree of standardization, the platform remains efficiently maintainable despite strong individualization, which significantly optimizes the total cost of ownership.