Processes & Features

In the following, we describe various selected features and processes of the Paul Scherrer Institute website.

The frontpage of has a layout that is very different from all other pages on the website. The frontpage contains a lot of links to the most important areas for the different groups of interest. In addition, some elements have a special behavior on smaller screens, for example, the teaser for proton therapy is placed in a grid at the bottom right on large screens, while it appears at the top on mobile devices.

PSI Frontpage

Multiple project-specific paragraphs have been created. Here is a selection:

  • Organigrams can be created using containers with different gray background color.
  • Brochures can be created and linked as separate content. Moreover, they have an individual design depending on where they are inserted in the content.
  • Filterable and sortable tables can be created.
  • All groups can compile lists of people, which are automatically updated when a new person joins the team.
  • It is possible to use mathematical symbols from LaTeX in the text.

Because more than 150 areas have their own menu, an optimized menu structure was created for mobile devices, which differs greatly from the menu on desktop.