step by step process description

In the following, various selected user processes of the Simpla portal are described.

Not only ÖKK customers can register on, it is also possible to create a profile without a connection to ÖKK.

Registrieren auf Simpla

After registration, users can view their current score on their profile page or update their profile data. Depending on what kind of campaign is currently running, there may already be points for the registration. Prozess

On users can get more information about the partner offers. For Cosmobutlers' services, it is also possible to check whether the offer is available in one's own place of residence. Prozess

Detailed information on the offers can be found on the partner pages. Simpla users can obtain more detailed information and then go directly to the respective offer by clicking on the corresponding button. Prozess

Simpla users can click on an offer button to go directly to the corresponding partner portal. There they are automatically logged in with their profile and can benefit from the partner offer very easily and with just a few clicks. Prozess

A profile with the relevant address data of the Simpla profile is automatically created on the partner portal. Sensitive data are excluded from this data exchange. Prozess

Users on the Simpla platform can also redeem the existing points in the shop. For the individual items, both the price in CHF and the points to be redeemed are indicated. Prozess

Articles from the shop can be paid both with points and with credit card. A combination of both is of course also possible. Thus, users can also benefit from offers if they do not have enough points. Prozess

All activities carried out by users on the Simpla portal are listed in the profile. In this way you can see how many points you have received or spent. Prozess