Translation Management Tool

The project Translation Management Tools (TMGMT) provides the next generation tool for translation management in Drupal.

MD Systems initiated the project in October 2011 to improve the multilingual processes in Drupal from scratch. A wide audience of users, developers and global translation service providers were immediately interested in our idea.

It provides an systemwide view for translatable elements for Administrators, Sitebuilder and Developers, and allows posting an individal selection of translation jobs.

Translation jobs can be assigned to a local Drupal user (Local Translator) without giving special permissions to the translator. Also, translation jobs can be submitted to professional translation service providers with a few clicks only.

After receiving back the translations, the can be reviewed and published with one click.

Parts of the translation jobs can also be commented and re-assigned to the translator for a revision.

Formatting and structuring (nodes, fields) will be preserved and the manual copy-paste work falls away completely.

Thus, customers and project managers can easily manage translation jobs, have an overview of progress and dates and can define priorities.