Drupal 8 Media Initiative Program

In Drupal 8, there are some key items in Media Management missing at the moment. The goal of the Media Initiative is to ship tools that are ready and following best practices of Media Management out of the box.

We started the Media Initiative Program to push some of the most important features of the Media Initiative with Janez Urevc and a dedicated team so that they are ready to use short after the official release of Drupal 8 in November 2015.

The Media Initiative

For Drupal 8, the Media Initiative started to draw an extensible architecture with enough flexibility to cover the known use cases and develop a strategy for the individual modules. The maintainers are working hard with long term contributors from the community to push the goals forward, but the amount of work is so huge that only slow progress is visible.

In July 2014, MD Systems organised a first full-week Media Sprint with more than 19 participants from the community that delivered a solid and extensible media storage among many other improvements in the ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Janez Urevc, one of the Media Initiative leads, joined the team at MD Systems.

Strategy: Reduced goals with a dedicated team

MD Systems identified common key items in Media Management that are highly valuable and achievable for everyone from discussions with customers, stakeholders and many community participants.

We strongly believe that a successful media initiative needs to ship tools that are ready and following best practices of media management out of the box. Right after installation, typical use cases need to be covered with great usability. Advanced use cases might need reconfiguration.

MD Systems, Ringier and Südostschweiz therefore have founded a program led by maintainer Janez Urevc to unblock the Media Initiative with a dedicated team of developers.