YellowCube Drupal connector

Connect your Drupal webshop with YellowCube!

YellowCube is perfect logistics solution by the Swiss Post for distance selling. YellowCube handles goods receipt, storage, picking, packaging, fast shipping, and returns management. Find more info on Github

YellowCube explained in 3 minutes

Learn how YellowCube perfectly supports your eCommerce business with handling orders and returns, allowing you to fully focus on your core business once more.


Check the status of your order in real-time.

Instant shipping

Your client orders an item, YellowCube is shipping it for you.

Inventory status

Check the status of the inventory on YellowCube and in your Drupal Commerce webshop.

Multilingual support

Choose the language for your YellowCube plugin.

Automated synchronization

Your Drupal Commerce webshop will automatically be synchronized with YellowCube.

Drupal commerce module

If your eCommerce business runs on Drupal 7 with the Drupal Commerce then this module offers everything that you need to fully integrate with YellowCube.