Shared Content

The project Shared Content (SC) introduces technology to build a content sharing network. Different to classical content sharing that duplicate full content items across multiple servers, this project is first about notifying system about content availability and building references to relevant/related content from the network.

The architecture introduces two key content concepts:

  • Local content
    Content originated on local system, typically written by local editors
  • Remote content
    Content that is available on the network, can be assigned as remote content to local content

The shared content architecture thus provides two main components:

  • Shared Content Server (SC Server)
    The module exposes local content and makes it available to shared content clients as remote content
  • Shared Content Client (SC Client)
    The module connects to (possibly multiple) servers and collects remote content for the index

The available remote content is neither displayed nor automatically assigned. It is available through the index in the local Editor ShareBoard and can manually be assigned to local content.

These are further key points of the architecture:

  • Every server has a number of settings to configure sharing behavior.
  • Data exchange is encrypted and clients need to authenticate to collect data.
  • The dashboard introduces a custom built user interface to support the editor with maximum efficiency for assigning remote content.
  • Paywalls are fully compatible. Paid content is safe.
  • The content is typically being displayed in an overlay with compact branding of the origin.
  • Rich media delivery such as Images / Galleries, Audio and Video is fully supported.
  • Clients will notify about content assignments. Backlinks can be added automatically.
  • Autotagging will improve editor experience to provide assignment suggestions.