First Friday Sprints - Drupal 8 CSI

You might have read about the Drupal 8 Contrib Sprint Initiative (CSI) on the Drupal Association blog already. We initiated it, and now take it one level "higher".

Every first friday of the month we are asking the entire Drupal community to join us and globally sprint for Contrib and learn about Drupal 8. That's a great chance for you to get started with Drupal 8 - no matter what you aim for.

This is the best opportunity to enable all the worldwide maintainers to start thinking early about their module future. Get connected to the core contributors to get a head start with your Drupal 8 knowledge. Many community members will join and help you boost the Drupal 8 port.

Every first Friday of the month a dedicated day of contrib sprinting to get "your" Drupal modules D8 ready. We hope to see a spike in commits to D8 modules each first Friday of the month because of this initiative and arrive at a Drupal 8 where core and the most important modules are ready to be used by our customers as of "day one".

In Switzerland, MD Systems is inviting the local community to join our offices and sprint with our full developer team. Our core contributors will help you as best they can.

The main development focus will be to make contrib modules production ready. However, this needs all kinds of things like extensive testing, verification with sitebuilding, documentation, user experience tests, and deep discussions about architecture, concepts and approaches. From previous sprints and participation in core development, we have great examples on how to get started.

Between the events, at MD Systems, we are permanently sprinting and pushing our Drupal 8 projects. We want to make Drupal 8 production ready - and we will make sure this is going to happen soon.

Also, if you decide to seriously start with Drupal 8 for your professional projects, we have initiated a new program: Drupal 8 Bootstrap Weeks. It is taylored to fit for freelancers and members of bigger teams to give you a headstart with Drupal 8 within a week. We separate between the two modes frontend or backend and help you to either get started with a full customer project or a specific feature module.