Digital Asset Management

Media management in Drupal 8 is great. Thanks to the Media Initiative there is a huge media ecosystem with numerous plugins. Each one solves its specific problem and they can be combined to provide fully functional media solutions and will contribute to a better media management experience in the latest version of Drupal.

Entity Browser is a central piece of the modular Drupal 8 Media this system. It functions as a hub between the media item and the content where an editors wants to place it.

By default Entity Browser lets us upload and list locally available media. But we also can develop a plugin for digital asset management (DAM) solutions. Entity Browser will make everybody's life easier, allowing for seamless integration with the APIs of various DAM applications.

Basic Integration

A basic Drupal 8 integration can be made available by MD Systems in about 2 weeks after starting development, given that the digital asset management (DAM) API and demo accounts with full access are set up, ready and fully documented.

The basic integration is a full package to a first minimum release into the Drupal 8 media ecosystem. Any Drupal site with the plugin installed will be able to browse digital assets stored in the DAM system and attach them to the web content. The implementation of the plugin will follow all coding standards of common projects and will be well documented. All processes will be tested and quality assured.

After a first prototype (first week), MD Systems will present the work to the customer, provide a test environment and help the customer to start using the integration. The customer will then test on its own to report final issues and prepare a final version for release.

The project will be released on where the customer has independent unlimited access to maintain it or assign maintenance to any third party. MD Systems will only update the code base in consent with the service provider and only publish well quality assured releases. A test driven development process is established as long as the DAM API allows it.

Advanced features

Besides basic integration we're able to implement numerous advanced features that are defined in collaboration with the client. They are tied to the specifics and special needs that each DAM platform comes with. Main goal is to make integration seamless to use and to support strongest aspects of each individual DAM solution.

Such extra features include (but are not limited to):

  • digital assets usage tracking,

  • complete documentation,

  • additional filters (folders, tags, categories, ...),

  • remote asset delivery,

  • file entity support (local files only),

  • additional asset types support (additional to images),

  • API Mocking for tests purposes,

  • ...

Dedicated to the community

MD Systems, being one of the top Drupal contributors, is fully dedicated to open source. We feel strong responsibility to the community and contribute to it as part of our daily routine. By working with us you can always be sure that the best world-class experts are taking care about your project and that you'll stay ahead of the most important changes in the Drupal community.

Would you like to learn more and get a non-binding quote? Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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