A few clicks to your own free Thunder website

Thunder is a Drupal-based Content Management System for publishers that enjoys significant industry backing and has gained global visibility. Because it’s Open Source it’s easy to obtain, but spinning up an environment to evaluate the product can still be a daunting task for non-experts. Thunderdemo.com solves this problem, providing a free, simple and cloud-based trial of Thunder, regardless of your skill level.

The Thunder demo project brings together the Thunder coalition (led by Hubert Burda Media), Switzerland’s leading Drupal agency MD Systems, next-generation Platform-as-a-Service provider Platform.sh and Microsoft Cloud Germany.

Simply fill out the form on thunderdemo.com and your own fully featured Thunder instance will be created on Platform.sh with up to three environments, running on Microsoft Cloud Germany’s Azure infrastructure and managed by Drupal experts MD Systems.

Taking the user by the hand

Once you’re up and running we’ve lowered the barriers to getting started by guiding you through the process of content creation and publishing. Instead of a full admin interface you’re presented with a simplified editor’s view, starting with a step-by-step tour.

If you want to dig deeper into Thunder, you can login with higher permissions at any time.

Further enhancing the Thunder user experience and onboarding process will be an ongoing high priority.

Why use Thunder?

Thunder was initiated by Hubert Burda Media as a solution by publishers for publishers. Based on the concept of the Drupal distribution, it takes the Drupal CMS and add a set of modules that provide a specialised set of functionalities, in this case for the publishing vertical. The Drupal architecture still allows you to further extend, customize and thus build your own specific solution out of it. That results in faster time to market and significantly lower development costs.

This approach allows each project to focus much more on developing a digital strategy and business models. Furthermore the Thunder partner network offers SaaS integrations for monetization.

Thunder is continuously improved through collaboration in Open Source. The demo will always be updated to the latest release.

Transformation to a live project

Your personal Thunder instance is made to stay.

The cloud service provided by Platform.sh is the perfect start for your project until public release. The demo instance starts with a free 30 days trial on the inexpensive development plan that can be scaled up in various levels for production use, including high availability. It is operated on Microsoft Azure and located in Germany.

MD Systems is your preferred selection to tailor Thunder for your specific needs. Thunder is made of many components that are built and maintained by MD Systems. With relaunching more than 10 news portals on Drupal 8, we have great experience in the publishing industry. Get in touch with us for more information.

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