MD Systems at the Dev Days Seville

From 21. to 25. March, Drupal Developers gathered at the Drupal Developer Days in Seville for a week of sprints, sessions and quality social time. The event was held at the La Isla Magica, theme park - middle age castle, with the authentic pirate theme.

A team of developers from MD Systems contributed with five sessions and one workshop. The first workshop was on Wednesday, where a full room of developers followed Janez Urevc through the step by step tutorial on how to build a media website from scratch. Closing the first day, event participants had the chance to hear more about Drupal advantages and disadvantages, and the Mailhandler contrib module in two sessions held by Milos Bovan and Nemanja Drobnjak.

On the third day, our lead developer Sascha Grossenbacher provided an overview of caching in Drupal, followed by interesting presentation of Elixir and functional programming by Janez. The room was full at the closing session of the day, where participants had the opportunity to join Primoz Hmeljak's session on reporting the current state of two contrib modules MD Systems maintains - Paragraphs and Paragraphs collection.

During all four days, different contrib modules were target of sprints held at the event. Especially worth mentioning is the media sprint with the goal of adding the Media Entity module to Drupal core which is the requirement and first step for a media library and re-usable media in core. Other work focused on content management and site building, with our team members working on the Paragraphs and Paragraphs collection modules. 

To round up, the event organization was on a high level. 215 number of issues and total of 43 commits for 5 days of sprinting is a great result. Aside from coding, Seville is a beautiful city, famous for its authentic food and historical monuments and buildings, as a mix of Arabic and Spanish culture. Our team had a great time, both socializing and coding, and we look forward to the next community event.