Content Experience with Paragraphs - Drupal Mountain Camp

The digital transformation heavily disrupts the media industry and constantly raises the expectations of our users. End users want to experience rich content, tailored to their device or channel, ultimately with the right amount of personalization. We need to enable the creativity of our content creators and empower them to publish appealing content. Let me show you how Paragraphs is clearing our way and why our world is shifting steadily from site building & configuration to content.

A first milestone in UX improvements

Since the first stable release at Dev Days Milano, the ideas for Paragraphs grew into a larger vision. Within three months of research, we developed proposals how to improve Paragraphs and presented them at the Drupal User Group Zurich. The full potential of Paragraphs could only be revealed if it fully focuses on the experience of content creation. MD Systems decided to lead the UX strategy and started a first iteration to validate the proposals and present a next milestone at the Mountain Camp.

Make it ready with a code sprint

We managed to activate 26 participants for an outstanding three days sprint in our office after two months of preparation in architecture, coding and proposal refinements. As a result, we could release Paragraphs 8.x-1.1 on time. A great example of collaboration with the community - a big thank you to everyone involved.

An important milestone is reached and with the growing global adoption of the project it's clear that Paragraphs will play a key role in innovation for content creation with Drupal.

Presentation outline:

1) Use cases of modular content

When content is more than a simple article body: Article templates / layout variants, Landing pages, Curated front pages, Newsletters, Effects, Interaction, Conversion, Supporting elements, Personalization, and more...

Insight to a few specific projects and setups.

2) Paragraphs Status Update

Another milestone will be reached: A improved UI widget, behavior plugins for grid layouts (slideshows, style selection, Background / Parallax effects), Icons, achievements since DDD Milano and user group sessions.

3) Paragraphs Modules & Collaboration

Call for collaboration, Field Collections deprecation, previous / existing add-on modules, status, goals of integration, Thunder specific requirements.

4) Advanced proposed features

Drag & drop, Add widget, Perspectives, Library, Paragraph / Page templates

Workflow, Workspace, Revisions, Change tracking, and much more...

5) New possibilities for Drupal distributions

Best Practices and standard setup through Paragraphs Collection, Building distributions on top, less custom site building, more out-of-the-box simplicity, better support from paid themes.

Enable component based stile guides.

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