Drupal Iron Camp was a great success

One of the biggest Drupal Camps in Europe this year was scheduled for the last weekend in November in the heart of Europe - Prague, Czech Republic. We definitely wanted to spread the Drupal word in central Europe and we did not want to regret not having joined it.

The Iron Camp was organised for the first time and strives to become a tradition. The camp brought together many well-known faces from the Drupal community and featured 4 keynotes and 33 sessions.

The community response was strong as over 200 attendees participated in the 2-day sessions and 4-days sprints. Thanks to our #mdsgiveaway campaign even 2 more Drupalistas could join the Iron Camp.

Ask Not What the Community Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for the Community

The top 0.5% (Top 30) Drupal contributors were credited for more than 20% of the total Drupal.org contributions in the past year. This is an issue that many Open Source communities are facing. 
One of our lead engineers, Janez Urevc, held a keynote and tried to identify the core problem. He described his beginnings with free software and the reasons why he believes in Open Source.

Janez proposed a set of values companies and individuals can get by taking an active role in Open Source contribution. Co-controlling the software, building a reputation, attracting the best talents and taking part in decision making are just some of them.

Create Drupal Content by Sending an Email

Drupal was always good at handling content. Historically, it only focused on content creation through a website.
Miloš Bovan talked about the Drupal 8 ways to create content by sending an email and why we still need this feature in 2016. He presented the Mailhandler module developed during this year’s Google Summer of Code program.

Miloš also explained the architecture of Inmail - a framework behind Mailhandler for processing incoming emails. Both modules are planned to be significant parts of the new Drupal 8 CRM solution.


We had a wonderful time and would like to thank all organisers, sponsors, volunteers and attendees who made this event possible. They did a great job to make us feel very comfortable in beautiful Prague.

Drupal Iron Camp was a great success and we are eagerly waiting for the next edition which is going to happen in Belgrade, Serbia in 2018. We hope to see you there!