We are striving to invest 20% of every project’s value back into the community

It is probably no secret that we are one of the bigger contributors to Drupal (definitely the biggest when company size is taken into consideration). Contribution is part of our daily routine. Every time when we run into a problem that can be resolved in a general/community way we try to do that. Our developers are active in the issue queues on a daily basis. Working in the drupal.org issue queue is as common as checking new messages on our company’s Mattermost channels.

We often lead long-running focused initiatives

On a daily basis, while working on client projects, one is able to do a lot, but still not enough to push forward bigger initiatives and changes. In order to be able to do that too we regularly lead long-running focused initiatives. Examples of such initiatives are Media, Translation management, CRM and more.

Our focused initiatives helped push forward a lot of critical subsystems in Drupal 8. Due to the success of our past work we’re convinced to continue with similar activities also in the future.

Clients and community both benefit from the MD System’s commitment

At MD Systems we feel responsible towards the community. We believe that we and our clients are going to be successful if the Drupal community will be successful too. As a client, by working with a service provider that is heavily involved with the community, you benefit in form of constant innovation, hassle-free updates, continuous deployments of latest functionality and generally better experience.

Because of that we strive to invest 20% of every project’s value back into the community. Let’s put it that way. If you hire MD Systems to do your next Drupal project, audit your site, organize a training or a bootstrap week, implement a Translation management translator plugin or DAM integration for media ecosystem community will directly benefit from that.

If you are interested in our work do not hesitate to contact us and if you’d like to hear more about the things we’re currently focused at follow our blog as we’re preparing some more exciting stuff for you in the following weeks.

Are you at DrupalCon Dublin? So are we. Poke Sascha Grossenbacher (@berdir) or Janez Urevc (@slashrsm) if you’d like to meet us there.