We loved Drupal Developer Days!

One of our favourite community events, Drupal Developer Days (DDD), happened last week in Milan. DDD is an event with rich history and strong tradition. It is independently organized by the Drupal community. 

DDD is primarily developer focused and community oriented. This makes it a perfect place to work side by side with other developers from the community, meet new people with common interests and start new initiatives and collaborations.

What were we doing at DDD?

Four members of our team were attending the event this year. John Gustavo Choque Condori and Miloš Denčev were sprinting on the Paragraphs module and the Media initiative for the entire week. Miro Dietiker and Janez Urevc joined few days later to help with the sprinting efforts and to present at the conference part of the event.

From right to left - John, Miloš, Miro, Janez and Dragan (our friend and former member of the MD Systems team).

Paragraphs are ready for Drupal 8!

Miro and John gave a talk about the Paragraphs module, which we use on many of our projects. Our company invested a lot of resources to help porting it to Drupal 8 and we are proud to announce that the Drupal 8 version of the module is ready to be used!

Check out the presenation of Miro and John.

Media is more powerful than ever

Janez gave two presentations; about Entity browser and Entity embed modules. Both were born as part of the Drupal 8 media initiative to solve two of the most common problems in that field. However, they were designed to be general, which allows the users to use them also outside of media.

Entity browser is a general entity browsing and selecting tool that improves UX in any case where referencing of entities is required. The most common use case for it is any type of the entity reference field.

Check out the Entity Embed presentation of Janez.

Entity embed is a module that allows the users to embed any renderable entity type into WYSIWYG editor. It is based on the best practices that core established and are using exclusively standard tools like field formatters, view modes and text filters.

Drupal Dev Days Milano 2016
Janez shows how the data is grabbed for embedding.

Check out the Entity browser presentation of Janez.

You can benefit from all these modules today. They can help you to significantly improve user experience for content creators and make the structure of your content much more flexible. We at MD Systems have extensive knowledge about them as we were involved in the planning, design and implementation from the very beginning. If you need assistance or support in those areas do not hesitate to get in touch. We are one of the biggest experts in the Drupal community and we will be able to help you even with the most complex problems.

DDD 2016 was great!

We really enjoyed the event and are already looking forward to the 2017 edition. DDD was and still is one of our favourite Drupal community events.

We would like to thank to the Italian Drupal community, organizers of the DDD Milan for their great job. Event was flawlessly organized; venue was on a nice location, atmosphere was great and food was amazing! But the best part was extremely friendly, hospitable and welcoming Italian community that made us feel almost like at home. Thank you!

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