Continuous Translation with TMGMT

Translation Management (TMGMT) has reached its largest milestone since the project was started in 2011. We are excited, that Continuous Translation is now a standard feature of TMGMT core. The system can be configured to automatically submit new or updated content to the translation service provider. With a first release candidate, we are closing the current development phase.

We've been busy - more than 100 commits

Since beta2 (January 22nd), a team of up to 4 developers did more than 100 commits for extending and improving the main project alone, and also worked on additional plugin modules for service providers.

The completed version is an answer to all major requirements for translation job management since the project beginning in 2011.

Most importantly: Our new UI offers a better overview through new features such as global job item overview. Further, all elements have been reduced for better accessibility and productivity. Each workflow has been reviewed and improved to eliminate possible causes of inconsistency. Translation management now detects if the source changed and asks the reviewer to fix the situation. A reviewer now also is checked to have sufficient permissions for the current security settings or can not accept an item.

Still, we are not out of ideas for features such as adding a translation memory to TMGMT. But that’s something for the next phase...

Easier management thanks to Continuous Translation

As the most recent and an important achievement, TMGMT offers to trigger fully automated translation workflows through Continuous Translation. Unlike normal jobs that have a fixed set of items, job items for continuous jobs are automatically added when content is created and updated. This feature allows to automatically translate the site's new content - without any manual interaction.

Combined with the auto accept feature, Continuous Translation offers true delegation of the translation workflow by allowing the translation service provider 100% remote control over the process. And if a provider supports the remote preview, perfect quality assurance isn’t wishful thinking anymore. Thebigword is the first translation service provider that supports both Continuous Translation and Preview Rendering.

Now, most of the work for the first stable release is done. We currently focus on minor polishing and quality assurance.

Upgrade your integration now

As Continuous Translation requires support from translation service providers it will be visible only if the provider supports it. Google and Microsoft translation are the first two machine translation providers supporting the feature. Other interested providers are welcome to connect with us for making their plugin ready for Continuous Translation, too.

The status of TMGMT was presented on the Drupal User Group Zurich meeting on March 24th and will be presented on Drupal User Group Basel meeting on March 31st. Here you can find the slides.

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