TMGMT released for Drupal 8

The Translation Management module for Drupal 8 has been released this week. The porting of all Drupal 7 functionality is done and some translators are available already. It’s the perfect moment for translation services providers to get ready for Drupal 8 with our incomparable offer.

Big improvements for TMGMT

Long before the official release of Drupal 8, MD Systems started to work on porting the Translation Management module (TMGMT) from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. Now, we are happy to announce that the porting of all Drupal 7 functionality is done and we released TMGMT for Drupal 8 this week.

The new Drupal version contains a lot of improvements for multilingual websites. Thus, we were eager to bring our widely used TMGMT module a big step forward, too.

Leveraging the Drupal 8 architecture, we made sure everything is plugin based. Also, we developed several improvements for the interfaces to reduce complexity and enhance the user experience.

New features for the Drupal 8 version

Furthermore, we cleaned the API which allows us to build more advanced features on top of it. We already took advantage of that and developed some new features for the Drupal 8 version:

As config translation now is a Drupal 8 core feature, TMGMT fully supports it and it is not necessary anymore to rely on the i18n project. All strings are now supported by the TMGMT module which improves the user experience in a great way.

Additionally, we implemented:

  • an option to translate from a translation instead of the source

  • a support for language variations and advanced language mapping

  • HTML validation and extended validation for translation Q and A in future

  • many small improvements

And of course, we also overhauled the user interface and user experience for the new version.

Translators are ready for Drupal 8

With the current new version, multiple translators are available already: In addition to the machine translators of Google and Microsoft, combined with a first reference implementation of the translation service provider Gengo. The plugin for One Hour Translation is already in progress and many others have contacted us to port their plugin for Drupal 8.

From the beginning, TMGMT focussed on establishing standard APIs and off load complexity from integrations to translation services providers. Since this API does not change significantly, porting or implementing a translator can be done in a few days. In contrast, due to the massive API changes in Drupal 8 updating a translation integration that does not use TMGMT would require weeks of work.

Standard offering for Translation service providers

We therefore have created a standard offering for a basic integration with an unified process.

Throught this initiative, translation services providers can start supporting Drupal without complex negotiations and get ready for Drupal 8 within 2 weeks. For a competitive price, MD Systems will develop a high quality integration that is connected to the TMGMT Drupal module.

Find our standard offering here. 

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