Join the Drupal 8 Media Initiative

MD Systems, Ringier and Südostschweiz have founded a program led by maintainer Janez Urevc to unblock the Media Initiative with a dedicated team of developers and together with you.

Remove a blocker for many Drupal 8 projects

Drupal 8 is a modern framework that was overhauled from the ground up, shipping with many features that previously needed extra “contrib” modules. Additionally, the contrib ecosystem is well prepared with many modules ported and ready for release. However, media handling did not significantly improve in core and modules of the media initiative are progressing very slowly.

The lack of mature media handling modules is widely criticised and a blocker for many projects.

Easy media handling

We strongly believe that a successful media initiative needs to ship tools that are ready and following best practices of media management out of the box. Right after installation, typical use cases need to be covered with great usability. Advanced use cases might need reconfiguration.

Join the community sprint

Additionally, we invite you and your team to join a full week sprint in the offices of MD Systems from Monday 30.11. to Friday 4.12. or parts of it.

Connect with us if you’re interested in joining the team or help funding or signup on the sprint spreadsheet.

More information can be found here.

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