Drupal 8 release candidate

We are excited that the Drupal 8 release candidate finally has been published on October 7th 2015! After many years of development the critical issues have been eliminated and D8 Core is ready for the first official release.

This time, not only core is ready. Most popular modules are near to ready for use in production.

There are only few reasons to stay with Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and its contrib modules provide already a solid feature set for all kinds of use cases.

MD Systems: top contributor for D8

While most agencies have been eagerly waiting for Drupal 8 to happen, MD Systems decided to take a leading role in pushing the project forward.

MD Systems worked since almost 2 years with Drupal 8 and is one of the top contributor for Drupal 8 resulting in a total amount of over 15 man years of experience in Drupal 8. During that time a lot of modules have been ported from D7 to D8 and core has been improved day by day.

Using NP8, we launched our first productive Drupal 8 site already last February and have now four NP8 sites live. The last one, Le Temps, one of the biggest newspapers in the french part of Switzerland, went live a week ago. (We will release a separate blog post about this soon.)

Now, with the release of Drupal 8.0.0-rc1, we are excited to start a lot of new projects and bring Drupal 8 to the next level!

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