DUG visits UNIC

After a summer break, the Swiss Drupalistas met again at the Drupal User Group. This time, UNIC provided their office and prepared food and drinks for all the visitors. Thanks for that! As usual in September, the audience could listen to presentations that will be held at the Drupalcon (this year in Barcelona) and give feedback for the presenters.

Improve both skills and motivation

First, Laura Felbecker from UNIC gave insight in their Continuous Improvement program they started in 2015: On every third Wednesday of the month the employees can use the whole day to focus on a topic of their choice. They brainstorm, discuss and elaborate those topics in workgroups and create a summary paper at the end of the day. The goal is that those days help to improve the skills and knowledge of the employees as well as their motivation and satisfaction.

It was followed by the presentation of Anna Hanchar and Claudine Braendle of Amazee Labs about Sitebuilding in relation to a great editorial experience. They explained how their projects at Amazee Labs are set up to support the customer’s editorial experience in an optimal way and showed some interesting approaches: which modules they use on a regular basis and which workflow they have.

Coding vs. clicking

Last but not least, Adam Juran of Forum One and Josef Dabernig of Amazee Labs discussed the benefits and disadvantages of building layouts by coding or clicking. The quintessence after an entertaining and interesting presentation was that the best approach is to use both ways because either coding or clicking have their benefits (even for coders).

We are sure that the spectators in Barcelona can look forward to three informative and exciting presentation from Switzerland’s Drupal community.