Global Sprint Weekend 2015

During the weekend of January 17–18, Drupal sprinting events were held all over the world. People met up and worked together on big and small issues. Bugs were fixed, new features were worked on and modules were being ported to the new Drupal 8. Around 20 Swiss Drupalistas spent the weekend at the Amazee Labs offices in Zurich, where MD Systems was represented by three employees and us two interns.

Among the topics tackled at the local sprint meetup were Drupal 8 core issues, the Multilingual initiative and Rules. The 8th major version of Drupal is steadily on its way, although its final release has been repeatedly delayed.

TMGMT module passed all tests

Prior to the sprint, all the participants were separated into groups according to their experiences and areas of expertise/interest. There were many people who wanted to start developing but had no earlier experience. MDS interns gave an insight to these people on how to start Drupal developing, how issue queues work and explained the workflow/procedure of providing, reviewing and committing patches. In addition, we introduced management tools such as Trello to them.

Most of the time, however, we helped upgrading (porting) the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module to Drupal 8. A healthy Drupal 7 version of this module—indispensable for active, multilingual sites—already exists since almost a year back. Most of the porting work had already been done with the efforts of teammate Sascha Grossenbacher (a.k.a. Berdir). During the weekend we made it pass all the automated tests, which is an important step as it greatly facilitates further development.

Yeah! TMGMT passed all tests!

All in all, we had a great and fulfilling weekend, with good food and many nice, new Swiss Drupal enthusiasts to meet. Many thanks to Amazee Labs for hosting us in their great office space!

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