DUG - Prepare for DrupalCon Amsterdam

Every few months, the Swiss Drupal User Group takes place at an office of a Swiss Drupal company. This month, Amazee Labs invited the DUG to their offices, and as always, about 20 people from the community found themselves eating, drinking, laughing and discussing interesting Drupal topics and were presented with the latest about Drupal 7 modules like Translation Management Tool (TMGMT), Rules,RedirectPathauto or Token and their progress regarding porting to Drupal 8.

After enjoying the view from the Amazee Labs offices we had our first cold drinks and moved from the terrace to the kitchen where the presentations were held.

As DrupalCon in Amsterdam is coming, we had the privilege to get a preview of some of the Swiss Presentations.

TMGMT module in action

First, Dagmar Muth together with Nicolas Beck (Project manager at Sonova) gave us an insight into the Sonova-Project: “Building a Multilingual and Multidomain Drupal Website”. They presented some of their most challenging issues and how they managed them. For most of the multilingual issues, they could use the TMGMT module. Additionally, their usage of domain variants instead of subdomains for the different websites of the different countries helped a lot.

Drupal 8 Contrib Internship report by Arild

Next, MD Systems intern Arild Matsson (Arla) presented his "dive into Drupal 8". He reported about his first experiences as a professional developer with contributing for Drupal 8: porting modules, writing and fixing tests and learning day by day. This resulted in a decent contributor track record after only two months. Read more about this in Arilds Blogposts.

A preview on DrupalCon Contrib Module presentations

We were given a preview on two parts of the Drupal 8 Contribution status presentation plannedfor the DrupalCon in Amsterdam this year. First, Josef Dabernig (Dasjo) presented the Rules module and and his project of porting it to Drupal 8. The project successfully raised an impressive 18’000 EUR to start the port. Through their website they continue crowdfunding for the extended goals of the development project. We cross our fingers that they will be successful and reach their goal and are able to finish the port by the end of 2014!

Last but not least, we got a glimpse into Sascha Grossenbacher’s (Berdir) presentation. Together with the team at MD Systems he pushed porting the widespread modules Pathauto, Redirect, Global Redirect and Token. The port is already quite advanced and a lot of Drupal developers and users will be able to use these modules in a very early state of Drupal 8.

After all these interesting and nourishing impressions we enjoyed some nor drinks, food and lively discussions.

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