Drupal Developer Days 2014, Szeged

The annual Drupal Developer Days (DevDays) event this year took place from the 24th to 30th march in Szeged, the city of DrupalCon 2008.

After the last DevDays in Dublin last year began with an unofficial all-week long Drupal 8 sprint, it became an official part of the event this year and it was a huge success. The event focused almost completely on Drupal 8, not just for the sprints, most of the sessions were about the upcoming new Drupal version.

Many long-standing contributors as well as many lesser experienced persons attended the event from the first day on. A lot of progress was made on beta blockers and many other issues. Read more on "This week in Drupal Core", April 2. release.

MD Systems sent Sascha Grossenbacher and Dragan Eror to the event to work on both frontend and backend topics. Sascha Grossenbacher also gave a presentation about our Monitoring framework that is - you guess it - also ready for Drupal 8.