NP8 and Woodwing Content Station together support content creation process at Netzmedien

About two months ago we released a re-design of on NP8, the Drupal 8 distribution for news portals that was created by Somedia and Gassmann in cooperation with MD Systems. Since then we released three more websites for the same publisher. Netzmedien is a publishing company that is focused in publications for tech-savvy audience.

Somedia Production as project lead was in charge of project management and design while we have been hired for the functional and frontend implementation.

As long term newsletter subscribers of the Netzwoche newsletter we are especially proud that a client with such a demanding customer base chose NP8.

NP8 distribution for rapid development

A rich set of features, its advanced components and the modern technology of NP8 allowed us to develop sites very rapidly. After the initial release of we published another media portal every two weeks. This achievement would not be possible without the right tool for the job. NP8 once again proved to be an excellent solution for mid to high profile media websites. 

Features like paywall, newsticker, marketplace, search, dossiers, ad provider integration and many more allow its users to focus on what is most important for them - creating and delivering highest quality content.

Would you like to know more about NP8? Let us know. We will be happy to prepare a free demo.

There is a Netzmedien website for everyone

All of the portals we created are oriented towards tech-savvy readership, but they still focus on slightly different target groups.

Netzwoche Website is an on-line version of the most popular Swiss ICT magazine. It is aimed at the decision makers and opinion leaders in the areas of IT, telecommunications, e-commerce and web technologies. 





IT Markt website is a media platform for the Swiss IT sector. It is focused towards the suppliers of IT products and services, value-added resellers, system integrators and distributors in the Swiss IT market.





CEToday website’s main topic is consumer electronics. It covers everything from personal computers, smartphones and tablets to fotography, HiFi and smart home products.






ICTjournal website

ICTjournal, the last but not least of the Netzmedien family is an ICT focused media platform focusing on the Western part of Switzerland. It addresses business decision-makers and opinion leaders in the areas of IT, telecommunications, e-commerce, web and mobile technologies. The specialized editorial team follows the global markets and regularly delivers online news, in-depth background reports and interviews.




Integration with Woodwing Content station

Woodwing Content Station is an enterprise multi-channel publishing platform. Content for all four websites is created and curated on it and seamlessly delivered to the each individual platform. In order to achieve everything that our client required we worked with Woodwing’s developers to improve the official Woodwing integration module for Drupal 8

Multi-channel and digital-first publishing is one of our special interests and expertise. During our day-to-day work with media publishers we’re identifying many problems in this field that need to be solved. We believe that this project was another piece in a huge puzzle which we’re actively working on and are planning to push forward in the future. 

This project represented just a start of what we’re hoping to become a fruitful long-term collaboration. We’re currently working on a Drupal 8 integration with Woodwing’s digital asset management (DAM) subsystem, Elvis. Follow our blog if you’d like to hear more about this in the near future.

Are you excited about similar topics or do you need a partner to help you solving the multi-channel and digital-first publishing problems? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to talk to you.

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