NP8 is ready to go

The core of the NP8 project is completed, soon there will be the initial release of the first media portals with Drupal 8 (D8). Due to its intensive work on core and contrib modules of the next version of Drupal, MD Systems was able to play a leading role.

February 2014 saw the start of the NP8 project (News-Portal with Drupal 8) of MD Systems. Together with two partners in the Swiss media landscape, Somedia and Gassmann Media, we started with two-week sprints the work on Drupal 8 core and related contrib modules of D8.

Important contribution to Drupal 8 development

The NP8 project not only created the NP8 installation profile, but also pushed Drupal 8 development continuously. Therefore, we were able to not only take a lead for the next version of Drupal, but also make an important contribution to the development of the core functionality of Drupal 8 and we worked on nearly 40 contrib modules. In addition, we organized several community sprints Search API, Layout and Media, which saw the participation of Drupal developers from many countries.

23 Sprints with up to 8 Developers

Since mid-February the NP8 installation profile is ready: Within a few minutes we can install a news portal for small to medium-sized media companies, the work includes extensive features like paywall, Ads with Adition, blogs, galleries, polls and contests.

Up to 8 developers worked during 23 sprints - at times simultaneously - at dozens of features whose functioning was ensured by automatic tests. A mammoth task that required intensive project management during the 46 calendar weeks it took. Organizing the various needs of the different parties.

In addition, we organized training weeks (so-called Bootstrap Weeks) with the developer teams of our partners, such that their developers can work efficiently with Drupal 8 in general and NP8 in particular.

Other Drupal 8 Projekts are on the horizon

Our investment in the future has paid off. Due to our intensive study of Drupal 8, we have gained a great competitive edge. We are ready for the next release of Drupal 8 and are pleased that as of today we can tackle additional Drupal 8 projects.

If you are interested in NP8, login here and order a free demo.

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