D8 experts come together at FFS

Last weekend, the monthly First Friday Sprint took place in the offices of MD Systems. Once again, it was a great success. On Friday and Saturday, a lot of work was done for Drupal 8 modules: Bugs were fixed, tests edited, and releases committed.

Release of ShareMessage for Drupal 8

Sascha Grossenbacher (Berdir) worked on many different tasks and features for modules like Pathauto and Redirect. For example, redirects will be created automatically if the URL-alias is changed. Besides that he supported Antonio Sferlazza (tonnosf) with his work on the CAPTCHA module. They fixed bugs and improved tests. After all, he also committed a first release of the ShareMessage module on Drupal 8. Now, it’s possible to share videos on your social media channels, too!

Exchange of ideas among top-contributors

Daniel Wehner (dawehner) contributed over 4% of Drupal 8 Core by himself and therefore is on 2nd place of the top contributors of Drupal 8. He travelled from Tübingen (Germany) for our First Friday Sprint. In his opinion, it is extremely important that the community can exchange ideas at such meetings. Nevertheless, it’s also a welcome change for him as he comes out of his regular environment for once. He and Lorenz Schori (znerol) focussed strongly on issues of the topic access checks (e.g. https://www.drupal.org/node/2331079)

In addition, we could also listen to a presentation of Iwan Fux (ifux) and Miro Dietiker (miro_dietiker) about Simplenews. They gave us a foretaste of their upcoming presentation on DrupalCon Amsterdam. We learned about the current status (test emails can be sent) and had an insight into upcoming tasks: there will be a demo page (on simplytest.me), personalization will be integrated and also processing bouncing emails is an important issue they want to take care of.

Great lesson for our interns

Of course, our interns could learn a lot on such events. Meeting Drupal 8 developers and the direct exchange with them brought them at least one step ahead. Arild Matsson (arla) worked with Sascha Grossenbacher on the ShareMessage video import and Christian Broekmeulen (cbr) fixed Ultimate Cron issues. Read more about that in his monthly blog.

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