Search API for Drupal 8

At MD Systems work on Drupal 8 is in full swing. We start working on new modules for Drupal 8 almost every week. But this time it is about something bigger.

Challenging projects need powerful search - Usually MySQL cannot keep up. Specialized search systems such as Apache Solr are then used.

All search engines have one thing in common: Instead of looking directly at the database, an optimized search index is created.

These indices are fast enough to replace overview pages with search results. Complex queries to databases are no longer necessary and thus the performance improves massively.

The Drupal Search API modules integrates search indices with Drupal. It ensures that new content is indexed immediately and automatically (alternatively via an asynchronous queue), and allows the display of results with the usual tools in Drupal. List views can be configured with views in the same way as when coming directly from the database.

All agree: This module is needed in Drupal 8.

The maintainers of Search API have worked a lot on it. Also during the sprints at the Drupal Developer Days in Szeged.

But in order for the module to be ready-for-use, a decent chunk of work remains.

Sponsoring one month for Search API

For one whole month, MD Systems will be working on porting and perfecting the Drupal 8 version of Search API. Thiscomes in addition to the normal Drupal 8 work of our team. But we will go one step further this time. With Andrei Mateescu (amateescu) we have found an expert in our community. He will be working hard with us on Search API . MD Systems is thus sponsoring a man-month of top-level Drupal 8 Contrib Development in addition to all the other work we do on Drupal core and contrib.

One Week Sprint for the Community

After two weeks of preparation this work will peak during a community-Sprint-Week (28.04.2014 to 05.02.2014). In this week, the last loose ends will be connected and all relevant steps will be taken to ensure that the module can be used.

The Swiss Drupal community is cordially invited to the offices of MD Systems to get involved, intensively, in the Search API work. It is of course also possible to participate remotely.

If there are still some to-do's left, Andrei Mateescu will spend another week on perfecting teh Module.

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