Results of the first First Friday D8 Sprint of October, 4th

Last Friday was the first First Friday Sprint - also known as the D8 Contrib Sprint Initiative (CSI) as anounced at the opening ceremony of the Prague Con.

We have worked successfully in many of our projects and various parts of these modules now work in Drupal 8.


Basic port such that the module in Drupal 8 can be detected and enabled. We then converted to the new form system in Drupal 8 for all settings and started to convert the ShareMessage entity to a D8 entity. This module is good way to explore the new D8 entity system.

Mail system

Already at the last Sprint we begun porting this module to Drupal 8. The initial port was completed and it is now possible to configure the E-Mail backend. Fortunately, as a result of the findings of the last sprint, Drupal 8 Core was made more flexible by Berdir. We are building on this new and flexible core functionality and use the new core api to provide an alternative way to enable different implementations for formatting and sending emails.

Translation Management Tool (TMGMT)

For some time now, we have been working on the Drupal 8 port of Translation Management. A large part of TMGMT is already operational, several translators were also already ported. During this sprint we have been working on the Locale Source plugin, which was recently added to the Drupal 7 version. This plugin allows the translation of user interface texts with TMGMT.

Shared Content

On Shared Content we worked during the last Sprint and - intensly - during the DrupalCon in Prague. The entire backgroud processes, services and settings work well and many new tests were written. Thanks to the improved test framework in Drupal 8 these tests are now considerably faster.

Drupal 8 Core

In addition to working on our own modules we also worked on the Core Examples project which contains example modules for virtually every API in Drupal and now of course need to be converted to Drupal 8.

All participants were able to learn a lot about Drupal 8 and could support each other. The next Sprint will take place on November 1 and will be officially announced on

The idea of a monthly Sprint is picked up by many other groups, such as the Drupal 8 Media Project.

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